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CMRE Partners is the Northwest’s premier corporate and family business real estate advisor. With a quarter century of experience through multiple real estate cycles, Founder and Managing Partner Campbell Mathewson established the firm as a trusted specialist in structuring complex real estate transactions to meet the needs of discerning clients. 


A passionate client advocate, CMRE Partners specializes in producing and implementing creative, flexible and highly actionable real estate plans. This approach, coupled with strengths in negotiation and an extensive community network, results in deep client satisfaction. Current and former clients are among some of the region’s most well-known public and private companies, family offices and professional sports teams. 


As a result of this experience, CMRE Partners is uniquely positioned with a best-in-class network across the entire Northwest real estate spectrum from attorneys to lenders, developers, investors, engineers, government affairs professionals and other consultants. The firm commences each engagement by listening intently to the client to establish specific goals and then collaborates tirelessly with the team to execute the agreed-upon real estate strategy. 


Throughout this process, CMRE Partners maintains a deep respect for client relationships and creates value by alleviating pain points in the real estate process and freeing up valuable time for our clients to pursue their core missions.

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