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“Over the years I’ve been on the other side of several transactions from Campbell and always appreciated his honest and efficient approach to real estate.” 

Larry Benaroya, Principal, Benaroya Companies

“I don’t hesitate to refer my clients to Campbell for his discrete, client-centric approach to real estate.” 

Ryan Durkan, Managing Partner, HCMP Law Offices

"I’ve been on the other side of Campbell in several transactions in South Lake Union and admire the tenacity with which he represents his clients’ interests.” 

Ada Healey, Chief Real Estate Officer, Vulcan

“I’ve done several deals with Campbell and have always appreciated his good nature even in difficult conversations.” 

Pam Hirsch, President & COO, Schnitzer West

“I’ve worked with Campbell in multiple capacities since the 1980s and can recommend his judgment and character to anyone.”  

Rob McKenna, Partner, Orrick; Former Washington State Attorney General 

“I’ve always appreciated Campbell’s good-natured approach to being laser-focused on representing his clients’ interests.” 

Bill Pollard, Founding Principal, Talon Private Capital

“I’ve worked with Campbell in various capacities since the 1990s and can recommend his thoughtfulness, client-advocacy and genuine good-nature to anyone.”

Scott Redman, CEO, Sellen Construction

"I've known Campbell since the early 1990s and would vouch for his real estate acumen and client focus to any of my friends and colleagues.” 

Mark Rowland, Associate General Counsel, Expedia

“Campbell’s been involved in some of the most skyline-changing real estate projects in Seattle.  My wife, Seattle land use consultant Lynn Claudon, has worked closely with Campbell and we both think he’s one of the best.”  

Charley Royer, Former Mayor of Seattle

"I've known Campbell for well over a decade and have always been impressed with his ability to cut to the heart of a real estate issue and conduct business with an eye to repeat relationships." 

Jonas Sylvester, Chief Operating Officer, American Realty Advisors

“I’ve had the good fortune to work with Campbell on a couple of projects and am happy to recommend his honest, transparent and hard-working approach to anyone.” 

David Victor, Founder & Managing Director, Seneca Group

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